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Accreditation of International Real Estate Professionals

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“If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.”
Jim Rohn
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AIREP accreditation, improving standards, and bringing transparency to the international real estate industry.

AIREP, is an accreditation scheme designed principally to allow international real estate professionals, who are of good standing, and who trade in a correct and transparent manner to stand out from those that don't. AIREP accreditation authenticates credentials and corroborates the authenticity of those credentials before the consumer.

If you work within the international real estate industry, AIREP accreditation will help demonstrate your integrity, commitment and credibility to the consumer. If you are a consumer looking to buy a property abroad, AIREP accreditation will help you to discern which professional will best be able to protect your interests.

Wherever you see the AIREP logo, you can be sure of receiving a quality service from certified professionals.

Why AIREP accredited international property professionals?

Learn why AIREP professionals are your best option when buying overseas property.
Learn how AIREP accreditation can help improve your credibility.
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