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We welcome feedback about AIREP and our activities, or about those that AIREP accredits and their activities, whether it is an expression of satisfaction or a complaint. Any information on instances of misuse of the logo / mark or misleading references to accreditation is also welcomed.


We always aim to maintain the highest standards of service. However, should you find it necessary to complain about us or about one of our accredited professionals, we will follow the process outlined below to investigate your complaint. Complaints to AIREP should be addressed to

  • Complaints should normally be submitted in writing by email or post.
  • All complaints will be logged if we have the name and organisation/address of the complainant. Where a complainant prefers to remain anonymous, the complaint can be logged provided the feedback is specific and factual.
  • We will acknowledge receipt of all complaints within 5 working/business days.
  • All complaints are investigated and followed through to a conclusion.   We will record and track each instance and log the outcome.
  • We will ensure that a complainant is kept informed of progress on their complaint.
  • On completion of the investigation into a complaint, we will inform the complainant of the outcome and the corrective action, where necessary, and if the action has been or is being taken.
  • For serious unresolved complaints, the complainant or AIREP can request an independent review of the complaint.

    An applicant or accredited body may formally request AIREP to reconsider any adverse decision AIREP has made related to its desired accreditation status, by submitting an appeal in writing to AIREP Accreditation Director within one month of the date of the decision.

    Adverse decisions include

  • Refusal to accept an application
  • Refusal to proceed with an assessment
  • Corrective action requests
  • Changes to accredited scope
  • Changes to level of accreditation
  • Decisions to deny, suspend or withdraw accreditation
  • Any other action that impedes the attainment of accreditation
  • The process for managing an appeal is as follows.

  • We will acknowledge the appeal within two working/business days of receipt.
  • The investigation will be completed and the appellant informed of the decision within 12 working days of acknowledgement of receipt.
  • If the appeal is upheld, AIREP will take appropriate corrective action to change the decision and address any issues.  
  • The appellant may withdraw the appeal at any time during the process. If for any reason an appeal is withdrawn, we will not accept a future appeal on the same grounds.
  • Any decision that is the subject of an appeal will remain in force until a change is agreed.