Accreditation of International Real Estate Professionals


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“For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you are not enthusiastic enough.”
Zig Ziglar
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AIREP is a product of Certification Accreditation and Dissemination S.L.U. (CAD), an independent auditing and consulting company dedicated to the development of bespoke industry specific accreditations. AIREP accreditation is a simple but effective concept, designed to enable professionals to demonstrate that they are legal, of good standing and have the means to compensate for damages caused by their mistakes.

It is important to establish that AIREP is not an association, federation, club or other self governed body of real estate professionals. Those who attain AIREP accreditation do not become part of our organisation, they have no say in our organisations decisions or administration, and they cannot intervene in the accreditation of others.

Through AIREP accreditation we are dedicated to bringing standardization and transparency to what is sometimes a very murky and opaque international real estate industry.


The AIREP accreditation process at a glance

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