Accreditation of International Real Estate Professionals

AIREP accreditation, the key to credibility.

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“If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”
Gaston Bachelard
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AIREP accreditation will demonstrate to consumers that you are serious, that you are competent, that you are legally permitted to do business, that you do not have financial or legal problems, that you are able to cover your liability and that you voluntarily follow a code of conduct specifically set up to help protect them and their money. This accreditation of your good standing, professionalism and commitment will mean that you will benefit from increased consumer confidence and consumers in turn will be better informed as to where it is safe to spend their money.

Trust is placed with a given professional in a variety of ways: past experience, recommendation, brand preference and so on. The greater the familiarity the more confident the purchasing decision. In today's large competitive international real estate market it isn't always possible to buy from 'known' sources. Reassurance is needed to maintain client confidence. Independent evaluation is the principle source of this reassurance and such confidence is underpinned by AIREP accreditation.

AIREP and those accredited by us will set an example which others will follow, giving much needed guarantees to consumers which in turn will lead to better standards and practise within the industry as a whole.

Good reasons for accreditation

  • Highlight the differences between you and your competitors.
  • Demonstrate your professionalism, good standing and commitment to the consumer.
  • By your example help improve the professionalism and transparency of the overseas property industry as a whole.
  • Use the AIREP device, an outward sign to the public and others in the industry of your compromise and professionalism, helping increase customer confidence and the development of business partnerships.
  • Benefit from certification of your accreditation, hang the AIREP certificate in your offices and show the public that you have made the mark, AIREP certificate...
  • Benefit from details of your accreditation appearing on this website. In the majority of cases accredited professional details pages gain a first page position for related searches on google. Searches for your company name or business type + area in which you operate, will bring up details of your accreditation.
  • Benefit from the inscription of your accreditation in the AIREP accredited professionals register which the public can consult here on this website, by telephone or by written request.
  • Reasonable analysis and accreditation fees, the AIREP is not solely a money making exercise and we feel that accreditation costs should not impede any interested professional from joining.
  • AIREP is open to all of those who meet the legal requirements to carry out their activity in the country where they operate and who agree to conform to our strict moral and professional code.
  • If you are a true professional operating within the international real estate industry then maybe you should think about obtaining AIREP accreditation.