Accreditation of International Real Estate Professionals

Why use AIREP accredited professionals ?

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“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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AIREP is the sole international body dedicated to impartially assessing and accrediting International Real Estate Professionals.

We all want to have confidence in the professionals that we use. Trust is essential, especially when buying a home overseas, but how can there be confidence in professionals with whom we deal but do not know? How can we be sure of essential standards in the real estate sector?

Properties and real estate related services can be acquired from a much wider range of sources than ever before, but this can cause problems. It is becoming increasingly difficult to gain assurances that properties and services match the claims made about them.

There is a means however of building trust within the industry. Accreditation by AIREP is the key to ensuring quality of product and in the provision of professional services

Through accreditation, we at AIREP are setting standards and values, which guarantee a high level of professionalism and transparency from those accredited by us. This is also helping to achieve a better practise within the industry as a whole.

When buying property overseas, look for the AIREP logo and feel safe doing business with professionals who display it, they have demonstrated:


That they meet the legal requirements to trade in the country in which they operate and where they offer property for sale.


That they are not in liquidation, voluntary administration or bankrupt, that their books are in order and they are going concern.


That they have no unresolved incidences with social security, the tax man, the local administration, the autonomic administration or very importantly with the judicial system.


That they carry Professional Indemnity Insurance and have the means to compensate for damages caused by their mistakes.


That they have committed to follow our comprehensive moral and ethical code of conduct.

Below are some of the key points of our code:
  • Accredited professionals shall adhere to the highest standards of professional integrity both in their dealings with the public and other real estate professionals.
  • Accredited professionals shall not deny equal professional services to any person for reasons of race, colour, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.
  • Accredited professionals shall not make misleading statements and / or exaggerated claims in their dealings with sellers and potential buyers.
  • Accredited professionals must make clear their position and whose interests they represent.
  • Accredited professionals shall not themselves trade in real estate in a speculative way.
  • Accredited professionals shall always recommend the use of qualified independent qualified legal advice.
  • Accredited professionals must not give advice or make recommendations on matters or in areas beyond their competence.
  • Accredited professionals should not oblige potential buyers to sign binding preliminary purchase contracts nor to compromise themselves financially by paying non returnable deposits or reservations. Before signing any contract potential buyers should be given reasonable opportunity to reflect and to obtain legal advice.
  • Accredited professionals must comply with all applicable local laws and operate legally within the country that they are established.

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    That a professional voluntarily undergoes our assessment / review procedure clearly shows their desire to be transparent.

    All accredited professionals have signed up to follow the AIREP code of conduct and accept that they can be sanctioned if they do not abide by it.

    If an accredited professional is reported for violating the AIREP code of conduct, or for continuing to display the AIREP logo or allege accreditation while no longer meeting requirements for it, AIREP will first attempt to establish cause and if this exists then it will proceed to impart the corresponding sanction/s. Make a complaint.

    AIREP provides guidance to the consumer as to where they can buy property with peace of mind. Where no standards previously existed, you now have the AIREP device to look for when buying property overseas.


    The AIREP accreditation process at a glance

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